Unguja Ni Njema

Zanzibar Spice Tour

The primary objective of this tour is to provide a complete picture as to why this beautiful island is known as "The Spice Island".
The tour starts with a drive through a profusion of greenery in the countryside seeing, smelling and tasting a variety of spices and mouth-watering tropical seasonal fruits such as jack fruit, pineapple, banana, green coconut juice, durian, love apple, litchis. Spices such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, vanilla, and nutmeg are part of the content for this tour. Many other special trees and plants can be seen, these include iodine plant, henna, ylang ylang, the lipstick, cocoa, and coffee trees. There is also possibility to see traditional coconut tree climbing.This tour includes a visit to Dr Livingstone's House built in 1860 for Sultan Majid. Dr David Livingstone lived here before commencing his last journey to the Africa .........

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