Karibu Pemba

Excursions & Tours

All of these tours run in Pemba Island, and we do not recommend taking them as day tours starting from Zanzibar (Unguja), but instead would encourage you to stay at least one night at the beautiful Pemba Island.

Diving Expedition

Pemba Chanel is considered to be one of the best diving sites in the world. Both north and south of Pemba are the characterised with currents for drift driving with big game fish habituating in deep waters

Ngezi Forest

The forest is the only remnant of the once was Pemba natural vegetation. It is the home of the most endemic species of Pemba of plants, animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Village Festival

This is a full day in the middle of Pemba Island with Kidike Environmental Conservation Club at the village of Mjini Ole. The villagers will show their traditions, customs and every day life.
You can have a cooking lesson for traditional foods, see how handicrafts are made and join the fishermen for fishing

Game Fishing

The forest is the only The deep water between the tip of Pemba, Kigomasha peninsular and Mombasa is home for many animal species including Whales and Sharks. There also other species like Manta ray and tuna.

Snorkelling Tour

Pemba channel in the western part of the island has a number of good sites for snorkelling. The best of all is Njao gap with diverse species of corals. The most interesting about these coral in Njao gap are not affected with climate and climatic variations. It is super garden.