Pemba Peremba

Credit Pemba Island

Pemba Peremba…literally means Pemba is beautiful. Pemba Peremba Ukienda na Joho Utarudi na Kilemba. This sentence has several meanings and visitors in Pemba are advised to explore the gist by themselves if they want to enjoy the hospitality of Wa-Pemba. Pemba Island is one of the most remote tourist destinations of the world; sometime people confuse it with Pemba of Mozambique. In any case, there are very few tourists visiting the Island due to its remoteness and accessibility. If you really want to get away from the noise of the modern living and enjoy the serenity life, Pemba is your destination where you will enjoy the natural beauty and luxury services of the world class. Follow your instinct to experience the exceptional terrestrial and marine life coupled with people and communities with genuine passion and pleasure with hospitality. Pemba is your best choice. There are only three main tourist hotels in Pemba. The first is Manta resort with underwater room. The second is the luxury Aiyana and the third is the barefoot tented Fundu Lagoon. Ontime Tours is the only tour operator specialising for Pemba. It will help you finding the best option for your needs. Tours and excursions in Pemba are specific and limited in number