Night Walk Programme coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever walked in the forest during the night? Do you know what animals can be found at night, and what do they do? Come and join our programme, namely “Night Walk  Forest in Jozani”, and experience the sights and sounds in the night.

This night walk is a wonderful opportunity for families with children (min. Age of 13) to witness the nocturnal species that only come out at night! This programme is organized by Ontime tours  and experts from Jozani Forest and will be held from Friday to Sunday.

You will need to dress up warmly, wear a long sleeve T-shirt as mosquitoes will hunt for your blood. Wear a long stocking as well for leach protection and wear your sport shoes. Bring your raincoat or waterproof jacket, as the tours proceed rain
Participants will get the opportunity to learn about the forest biodiversity and animal behaviours, and thus, to foster a great sense of appreciation towards our Mother Nature

**Fee includes,entrance fees transfer from hotel and guide fees

Contact person :Mr Salum B Asseid
Programme Officers