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Getting Around Zanzibar

Getting around Zanzibar can be very cheap and very relaxing. The only mid-range transport there is comes in the form of a few tourist minibuses that operate out of Stone Town. These take holiday makers to some of the various coastal hotspots the island has to offer - routes are very limited and run once a day


Daladala travel is cheap; the longest journeys cost no more than TSh 2,000 (approx USD 1.50).
The routes run throughout the day and are numbered, but to no particular scheme. All daladalas have their destination marked on them. The routes start from either the Darajani terminal on The Creek Road, or from one of the other terminals just outside of Stone Town and accessible by daladala from there. These are Mwembe Ladu, 2 km to the south and Mwana Kwerekwe, 5 km south-east.

Tourist Minibuses on Zanzibar

By far the best value for money way to reach Jambiani, Bwejuu, Nungwi or Kendwa beaches is to book a seat on one of the daily tourist mini-buses. These will usually take you right to your hotel door for no more than USD 10 (getting a good price tends to require some haggling). You may have to be firm with the driver who may want to take you to a different hotel—one which pays him commission.
Seats can be booked through many of Stone Town’s tour operators and most budget hotels (this may even be true if you do not happen to be staying at the hotel in question). The minibuses all leave Stone Town at around 0800 and return from their various destinations in the mid-afternoon.

Taxis and Hire-cars on Zanzibar

Naturally, the fastest and most comfortable way to travel from point to point on Zanzibar or across Stone Town is by taxi. The cars do not have meters so make sure you have agreed a price before getting in. A rough guide for journey costs is as follows; Airport to Stone Town - around USD 15, within Stone Town – no more than TSh 5,000 (USD 5), Cross Island – drivers will quote around USD 100 but aim to agree on USD 60 - 70.
Hiring a car is not especially difficult. Drivers must be between 25 and 70 years old and have held a drivers licence for a minimum of 2 years. It is also advisable to obtain an International Driving Permit before leaving your home country, but we know of drivers who have obtained the necessary local permit by presenting their own country’s license only.Police must endorse your permit upon arrival, but with USD 10 and your driving license you should be able to obtain a temporary 15 day license once on the island

Bicycles and Motorbikes

If you can handle the heat (or can get up enough speed to cool yourself with wind-chill effect) then cycling along the coast of Zanzibar can be an excellent way to explore. Many beach hotels will rent you a bike for around USD 5-10 a day and some offer free bike hire to guests. Watch out for motorists (who generally have very little respect for cyclists and who expect you to leave the road when they honk, to allow more room for them to pass you) and remember that as a cyclist you are near the bottom of the highway pecking order, unlike in Europe where cyclists are of course relative VIP’s and afforded the highest legal protections of all road users.