Unguja Ni Njema

Dolphin Tour(Kizimkazi)

A full day trip from your hotel in stone town or from the beach hotel as dolphins are best seen early morning.
The drive from town to Kizimkazi a small village to the southern point of the island takes one hour where outboard engine boat are used to take the visitor into the sea for dolphin watching  and if luck swim quite close with them, as they are very friendly and playful. The surface of the Kizimkazi channel is broken by the skimming arcs of wild bottle-nosed dolphins. You may notice that the dolphins at Kizimkazi are wild but there is an 85% chance of seeing these mammals. Snorkelling is also part of this tour (snorkelling equipment can be hired at the site).A return from this tour includes a visit to the 12th Century Mosque, the earliest evidence of Islam in East Africa. This Mosque still contains the famous Kufic scripts in its walls. Please do not forget to take your towels, shorts and swim wear when you take this tour. Lunch is not included on this tour but can be obtained at the site.

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